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All the blessings we enjoy are the fruits of labor, toil, and self-denial, and study.

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Behold the perfect clutch for holiday parties: the Louis Vuitton Altair


Every holiday season, I realize I need to step up my clutch game. With so many holiday parties and soirees, it’s imperative that we dress our finest to impress everyone, especially ourselves. I love a good, party but I love a great clutch even more. Louis Vuitton always delivers, whether it’s with the company’s world-famous luxury travel gear or its small accessories and evening bags; the brand makes something for everyone, and for every occasion. Today I found myself gazing at the Louis Vuitton Altair and feeling ultimate desire. I, like many of you, am not a huge fan of monograms, but Louis Vuitton found a way to integrate its classic monogram without it appearing jarring, and this clutch shows just that. The quilted calf leather shows the understated LV monogram in a refined manner, while the golden brass-and-acetate hardware glams the bag up. The fold-over top fastens with a twist-lock closure, which is always easy to open and shut, and the inside of the bag includes a flat pocket and a mirror. Louis Vuitton does so many things right and their bags are the bread and butter of the company. Also available in pink, buy this clutch via Louis Vuitton for $2,570.
16.6.14 04:50


Man Bag Monday: The Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 Men’s Collection


Men’s luxury bags and accessories used to be a woefully underserved market, but you wouldn’t know that based on all the beautiful things that have graced the runways during the current men’s show season. We’ve got some exclusive images on the way from several Italian shows, but for right now, we’d like to take you into the American road trip-inspired world of Louis Vuitton Spring 2014 Men’s Bags and Accessories. Now this is a vacation we’d like to take. These official images from Vuitton show a collection of accessories that are, in several ways, traditional. Not only do they recall the satchels, backpacks and duffel bags that men have been using on road trips for years, but they combine those familiar silhouettes with classic Vuitton signatures, like several plays on the well-known Damier check pattern. Those include perforations both exaggerated and infinitely small, plus a number of different scale options rendered in beautiful tan and sage green leathers. Oh, and those wildflower pins that the models are wearing? Those are all hand-made out of feathers. Check out all the photos below.
12.6.14 04:48


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